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Wholesaler of erotic items

We have one of Spain's biggest automated warehouses full of erotic items that are available for you. We are not just intermediaries or commercial agents, we have all the products that appear in the virtual erotic item catalogue ready to be dispatched immediately. We also have up-to-date information on the quantity of each erotic product available at all times, plus the corresponding price and the recommended retail price. All kinds of items for sex shops.



If you have a retail business, an online store or you organise home-shopping parties, we can help you.

At Grutinet you will find everything you need for your business, and thanks to all the advantages you have with us, satisfaction is guaranteed.



You don't have to invest any more money into storing products so that you business goes better, now you can rely on Grutinet to have stock on hand for you at all times.

All the products of one of Spain's biggest warehouses, which is full of goods that are ready to be dispatched immediately, are available for you. We aren't just intermediaries or commercial agents, we have all the stock that appears in the store for professionals on hand and we know the exact amount of such, which means that you can consult the availability of each and every one of the products whenever you want.

Moreover, if there is an item you want, which might occasionally be out of stock, you can add it to your wish list and we will send you an email as soon as it becomes available again.



Our amazing ability to send out consignments without making any mistakes or having any delays is thanks to our advanced logistic management system which is unique within our sector in Spain. With a complex high-tech computerised process together with a completely automated warehouse, we can process huge volumes of orders in record time and without any mistakes being made and this enables us to send you your package on the very same day that you make the order.



Don't wait until you have gathered together a few sales to make a new order from your supplier; with Grutinet there are no minimum requirements, you can make any kind of order of whatever quantity, however small it might be.

If you are going to work with the dropshipping system, the minimum amount for the first order is not required. This condition will not be applied as soon as our team has made sure that you do indeed have an online store and that the website where you are going to work from is completely operative.



The urgent delivery service is free for all and each one of the orders that are over the required minimum amount.



We don't want to make you have to pay into a current account or bother you with any other inconveniences that delay the dispatching of the package. Our payment system is simple and efficient, you can chose between paying by credit card or cash on delivery (COD); the latter is the most popular method among our clients, as the recipient pays the forwarding agent directly when they get the delivery and everything is solved there and then.
Nevertheless, there is also the option of paying with a bank transfer if you prefer, although this could significantly slow down the preparation work involved in getting your order ready, as this will depend on the time or the day when you make the transfer.



If you have an online store, or you do your business through eBay, or perhaps you are part of an aggregate sales network etc., now you have the chance to sell without having to worry about the logistical process of sending the packages, getting COD payments etc. Not even having to invest in stock.
You can dedicate yourself to selling and we will do it for you through the dropshipping sales system!
This is a brand new concept of collaboration that is catching on at a tremendous speed in the USA and Europe. It consists in delegating the delivery of the order to your client from our warehouses. This is how you can make the most of your time and your economic resources whilst you dedicate yourself to selling and we will take care of the rest for you.
Logistically speaking, the order is sent anonymously and we can even deal with the COD payment of the package(Spain); in this way, you can provide your clients with all the guarantees of distance sales.
You will have a virtual account with Grutinet in your private area and from there you can administer the payments of your dropshipping sales.
If you would like more information, please consult:




Undoubtedly, the most important thing needed to preserve a long-lasting and productive relationship between the client and the supplier is trust. Equally true is the fact that this type of trust is consolidated over time, in the right circumstances, so that a commercial relationship can be established. The supplier will always try and provide the best service possible, the best quality and the best prices -without negatively affecting the aforementioned- to win over and satisfy the requirements of their clients.

In turn, the client expects the supplier to have fortitude and be capable of ensuring a good supply distribution channel for their business, and they will also expect competitive prices that guarantee an adequate profit margin for the good of their business.

Grutinet is a dynamic and competent company that appreciates its clients and values their client loyalty a lot. In this company, clients that position Grutinet as their number one supplier are highly valued, which is why we put increasingly more emphasis on the fact that our main objective is to come up with solutions that satisfy our clients and, insofar as possible, make it easier for them to run their businesses by giving them the opportunity to do the majority of their shopping in just one go and without having to meet any minimum amount requirements. This then cuts down on transportation costs, the time spent on such, the amount of mistakes made, etc.

In view of this and in acknowledgement of our clients' loyalty, we are proud to announce the launching of a new billing system in which each client can make the most of a specialised rate that is calculated according to their past accumulated purchasing record. This means the bigger the orders, the more credits are awarded to get a much better rate and without any minimum order requirements; this therefore reinforces the aforesaid client loyalty.

There are five different rates, which are:

  • Basic rate
  • Preferential rate
  • Professional rate
  • Premium rate
  • Shop rate

Clearly, each rate considerably improves your prices compared to the previous one. However, it involves more than just the simple linear application of discounts; a group of factors that determine each price more accurately so that you get a fairer and better value for your money are needed too. In this way, certain brands or products might even have more of an advantage over others.
Yet, how can a client that has good purchasing potential take advantage of the best price rates that they are entitled to right from the very first day, as time goes by? In other words, how can a supplier offer a client the best prices without even knowing what their future purchasing potential is? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This seems to be the eternal paradox that everyone uses when there are ever doubts about the order of the elements or the series of events; the same question is asked when it comes to a business relationship: Who should take the first step to improve conditions?
Well, as well as giving our consolidated clients the respect they deserve, those that have considerable potential purchasing power shouldn't be underestimated either. At Grutinet it seems that we have been able to come up with a fair and square solution: Each client is given the opportunity to choose the specific rate that is right for them -even the cheapest- whereby the only requirement is a minimum amount per order that varies according to the selected rate, which can be changed if so required so that the system recalculates the prices. Then, the right decision can be made about what the best option is. There are diverse cases in which it might be a good idea to choose a cheaper rate, even if it means making a minimum order:

- Instead of making specific orders I prefer to shop in general.
- I have the chance of getting a good deal and I want to increase my sales revenue.
- I want to launch special campaigns to boost sales.
- Before a sales campaign (Christmas, Saint Valentine, etc.).

It is very important to highlight the fact that the purchases made with different rates other than the pre-established one are also taken into account to try and improve the aforementioned assigned rate. Of course, the quality of the service provided is obviously identical for the four rates and absolutely no preference is given and no privileges can be had for one rate over another, apart from the price of the actual products.




We work with the best brands so that your sales will be as successful as possible and we provide you with all the products you could possibly need for your business:

    1. Sex toys
    2. Lingerie
    3. Condoms
    4. Erotic games
    5. Sex oils and lubricants
    6. Aphrodisiacs
    7. Books
    8. etc.

We strive to help you keep your business modern and up-to-date, so that you can do a one-stop shop with the most competitive prices possible, which is why we continue to look for new sources of supplies. In this way, you can save time and money with regard to the transportation costs.

In the majority of cases, we work directly with the manufacturer so that we can offer the best prices around. Sometimes however, we work through the brand's own exclusive distributors, buying large volumes of merchandise that we then sell to retailers for prices that are still extremely advantageous.

We work with the leading brands on the adult pleasure market:


Some of the thematic websites that produce the collections that we distribute are as follows:



If you want to access the website to see all the prices and also make your orders, you have to create a user name and a password that will then take you to the catalogue. You will have to fill in the following form first, which you will find on this link:

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