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One Stop Shopping

Specialists in growing your business

Supply your business with the best brands and conditions, offering your customers excellent service. Working together, we can offer you endless opportunities and information so that you can make the most of your possibilities. From improving the visibility of your store or meetings, to crucial data, so you can choose which products will give you a better return, among other decisions.

Sex Shop

If you sell through a physical store, we can offer you lots of things. In addition to choosing between more than 30,000 products from different leading brands, we give you access to samples, display products and other tools that will make your customer more than satisfied.

Sales Advisors

If you sell through meetings and advisors, we can help you. We advise you on the latest products and brands on the market, we put testers, samples and display versions of your best products at your disposal, and we are open to any proposal that you can think of

I+D+Information is power

Thanks to the computerisation of processes and new technologies, we obtain a large amount of information about different markets. It was interesting to find out about data on this, such as: what products are currently being sold, which brands are more popular with consumers or getting to know which products leave the most margin.
Having this market information allows you to be able to make correct decisions in real time:
  • Take a chance on a new product or brand.
  • See a new business opportunity.
  • Compare your own data with that of your market.
  • Make special offers.
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Replenish your business with a single click.

GrutinetPro changes the way you supply your business, making the process more comfortable, flexible and simple. No need for travel or a minimum number of orders. Just order the stock you need to replenish.

We work with more than 30,000 references of the best brands, forget about placing an order for each supplier, you can unify everything in GrutinetPro.

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