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Do you own a Brand and want to forget all about the logistics without losing control?

Stock Owners

Leading engineering and innovation, the keys to your success.

At Grutinet we have the best facilities so that your products are stored in unbeatable conditions, ready to be packaged and shipped at any moment and keeping your brand image intact.

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Save on worrying

Forget about preparing packages or managing shipments and dedicate yourself to the bits you like most.

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Cost savings

Grutinet is your strategic ally, you won't need any more middlemen or extra maintenance costs.

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We take care of your Image

We look after your brand and corporate image, integrating it fully into the packaging and shipping.

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Safe and efficient shipments

Shipments to your customers will always be delivered within 24h (Peninsula), without exception.

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Information in real time

You have access to a control panel with all the updated information about your stock.

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Business Intelligence

We offer a unique tool that allows you to decide in real time.

At the moment, data has a lot of influence in companies. They provide knowledge and information about your business needs and provide the security to make instant decisions. Our panel lets you see the status of your stock, sales, which products work best and which ones need a boost.

Benefits business intelligence.
Perfect data blend: combines multiple sources in one view.
Data visualisation: look up information quickly, easily and intuitively.
Adjusted to suit you: your needs and data are unique and specific to you. So our service has the necessary flexibility to adapt itself to you.
Make decisions: based on data to ensure the success of your business.
Data about your sector: we offer data about your sector so you can compare and decide better.
Benefits business intelligence.
Inventory Control Icon
Inventory Control.
Speed: knowing the Inventory in real time gives you agility in response to demand.
Increased performance: with all the information to hand, you can improve business performance by getting more sales.
Product replenishment: detailed information of your inventory in real time. Total precision about when and what to replenish.
Minimising errors: A fully computerised system, with real-time error control, which we improve day by day.

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