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Welcome to Grutinet!

Grutinet S.L. is the result of the vision of its professional management, which since 1999 has been working with constant innovation in the design and construction of its own technology in the e-commerce sector and distribution operations, establishing itself as a main player in the sector.

At Grutinet we want to help our clients boost their sales, add value to their brand and to each of the processes in the logistics chain. With a global and personalised service, creating competitive and innovative solutions through
  • excellence in the processes and management by maintaining a maximum service quality
  • Transparent teamwork in the continuous improvement process.
  • Applying innovation and technology to logistics processes.
At Grutinet we want to establish ourselves as the best solution for your business. Providing professional and customised solutions in the field of logistics, with a clear orientation towards the client and the fulfilment of their objectives.


In addition to our passion, innovation, effort and self-imposed demands, we have rooted more values in the business culture on which Grutinet has been built than those we convey and convert in our daily lives:

Orientación a resultados
Always thinking about meeting and exceeding the objectives set.
Orientation towards the client
We are interested in getting to know them better, identifying their needs and providing them with personalised solutions.
Always acting with integrity, fairness and transparency in professional and personal relationships.
Creating added value for our clients
At Grutinet we want the best for our clients. For that reason, they will always lead the main role; we contribute to the improvement of their image.
Excellence in the quality of our services
Always looking for continuous improvement by innovating processes and looking for the most optimal solutions for our clients.